Robert Istad“The South Bay Children’s Choir and Artistic Director Diane Simons represent the highest level of artistic achievement.  I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Simons and her fantastic singers on a number of occasions.  In every instance, I have been astonished with their beautiful sound, musicality, musicianship and attention to artistic nuance.  Ms. Simons is a superb musician and educator, and her singers reflect her amazing teaching in the marvelous passion of their performing.  The South Bay Children’s Choir is one of our community’s most valuable treasures!”
– Dr. Robert Istad
Artistic Director of Pacific Chorale
Director of Choral Studies, California State University, Fullerton

Joanna Nachef“SBCC has established itself as a premier children’s choir with national & international recognition. Dr. Jane Hardester’s legendary choral magic of beauty & excellence was the vision & mission upon which this organization was formed. Over the past two decades, this legacy was impeccably & repeatedly accomplished under the gifted & visionary leadership of conductor and co-founder Diane Simons.  Our El Camino College choral department & the Fine Arts Division is privileged to keep this musical tradition alive & well in our midst. We hope that the South Bay community will continue to support SBCC’s cultural efforts in creating exhilarating concerts & educating our future generations in the choral art for another 20 years.”
– Dr. Joanna Medawar Nachef
Director of Choral Activities, El Camino College

Beth Nam“I am so grateful to have received such high quality musical training from the teachers at SBCC. All the things I learned from SBCC –music theory, leadership and teaching skills, and performance experience — propelled me to go on to become a professional musician. I am especially thankful to Ms. Simons who has been my role model ever since I studied with her. She is truly a profoundly influential educator and all the teaching skills and methods I learned from her are just priceless.”
– Dr. Beth Nam, professional pianist and former member
Conductor at South Bay Children’s Choir

Jessie Tisdale“SBCC is more than just a choir.  It’s a musical family.  I made friends in SBCC that are still my friends today.  I will always be grateful to Diane and Dr. Jane for creating a group that enriched my life so much both musically and personally.  I have sung with many choirs as a professional singer and have rarely worked with conductors as gifted as those at SBCC, and I have never found a choir that was a family in the same way.  What SBCC offers to young singers is truly special.”
– Jessie Tisdale
Professional singer and former member

“Sophia learned so much from you about singing, collaboration, discipline, teamwork and being brave. There were many moments that I was literally brought to tears to see how you transformed and empowered your students to sing to the best of their respective abilities in unison.”
– Christine Prakash, SBCC parent

“Your program has been an amazing journey, not only for our daughter but for us as well. We are so grateful for all that you have done in helping to shape her life. You have not only given her an appreciation for music, but you have instilled valuable lessons about life itself and how to conduct herself as a responsible and caring individual. We cannot thank you enough.”
– Aaron and Bridget Gerson, SBCC parents

“The South Bay Children’s Choir brings talented singers, dedicated educators and artistic performances to the forefront of music education. SBCC will nurture your child’s love of singing in a joyful atmosphere equally matched with quality musical instruction.”
– Ruth E. Dwyer
Internationally recognized clinician and guest conductor
Teacher at Butler University
Conductor of Indianapolis Children’s Choir

“What impresses me is how healthily and expressively your students sing. It is totally age appropriate and reflects their knowledge and understanding of the beautiful texts you choose.”
– Cheryl Anderson
Former President of ACDA Western Division

“The four hours I spend at choir every Saturday morning are the best of my week!”
– Zoe Petersen, SBCC member for 9 years

“SBCC has been a really amazing way for me to learn how to sing to the best of my abilities and to make friends with other people who like the same things I do.”
– Zoe Ezzes, SBCC member for 9 years