Kids Music Los AngelesThe South Bay Children’s Choir is a comprehensive choral training program with six sequential levels of learning facilitated by an experienced and highly-qualified staff of choir directors. The singers (ages 6-18) meet every Saturday morning at El Camino College in Torrance from late August until early June coinciding with the school year.  Each member is expected to stay actively committed to the program for the entire season.

Singers will study vocal technique, music theory and sight-reading as they learn to sing a varied repertoire from classical to folk song literature.  Included in rehearsal times are musicianship classes and one-on-one vocal coaching.  Emphasis is on excellence while learning to work as a team in a nurturing environment.

Classes are relatively small, allowing for much individual instruction as well as a close-knit family atmosphere among the singers. There is much importance given to behaving with mutual respect, poise and dignity.  In addition to becoming better musicians, we hope to help our members become better people.  The skills they learn of self-discipline, communication, attention to detail and teamwork will become the building blocks for the rest of their lives.

For more information about classes and tuition, see below.  Payment plans are available.

Saturdays 9:00-9:45 AM
$179 per 10-week session

Minnesingers is the “First Steps” apprentice group to the South Bay Children’s Choir where children ages 6-7 are introduced to music fundamentals through song and movement. The class is auditioned separately from the rest of the groups.  Minnesingers are invited to perform in the concerts, but they are not required to perform.  The class is taught by Mary Herzbrun and assisted by Amy Calderon.

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Junior Concert Choir
Junior Concert Choir is made up of three smaller classes (Meistersingers, Choristers and Choraliers) that meet independently as well as all together as one large group under the direction of Diane Simons.

Children's Choir Torrance

1. Meistersingers
Saturdays 9:00-11:00 AM
$599 per year
45 days of class,  averages $13 per class, $6.50 per hour 

Meistersingers is the entry-level choir where singers ages 8-10 receive instruction in the fundamentals of singing, solfège training, score reading, and ensemble performing in a highly nurturing setting under the direction of Diane Simons.

2. Choristers
Saturdays 9:00-11:15 AM
$619 per year
45 days of class,  averages $14 per class, $6 per hour

Choristers, also taught by Diane Simons, is for children ages 10-11 where they will continue to receive instruction in voice, solfège training and ensemble training with the introduction of harmony singing in more advanced literature.

Kids Singing Los Angeles
Kid Singer Los Angeles

3. Choraliers
Saturdays 9:00-11:30 AM
$649 per year
45 days of class,  averages $15 per class, $6 per hour

Choraliers is an intermediate/advanced level choir for more experienced singers ages 11-13.  The class focuses on sight-reading, increasingly difficult repertoire and refining choral tone.  Taught by Dr. Beth Nam, it is considered the “boot camp” to prepare singers for Concert Choir.

Concert Choir
Saturdays 9:00 AM-11:30 AM
$759 per year
45 days of class, averages $17 per class, $7 per hour

Concert Choir, directed by Julie Corallo, is an advanced level choir for ages 12-18 where singers work on more difficult repertoire including classical, folk, and sophisticated world music. They continue with skill-building in solfège and sight-reading, and they usually give more performances than the younger choirs.

Kids Music Los Angeles
Kids Music Torrance

Saturdays 9:00-10:00 AM
No additional fees required

Taught by Jake Asaro, Troubadours is a specialized class for boys ages 12-18 who are also in Concert Choir or Bel Canto. Repertoire may include tenor and baritone parts as well as soprano and alto. They are taught vocal technique needed by those who have changing voices.  All are taught to maintain the higher notes as they learn to sing tenor or baritone as well, with attention given to parts of their ranges they may be temporarily unable to use.

Bel Canto
Saturdays 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM and Tuesdays 4:15-6:00 PM
$899 per year
90 days of class, averages $10 per class, $4 per hour

Directed by Diane Simons, Jake Asaro and Dr. Beth Nam, Bel Canto is made up of singers ages 13-18 who have proven their commitment to perform at a higher level through consistently excellent attendance, active involvement and attention during rehearsals, a willingness to practice their music in between rehearsals, and an attitude that puts teamwork first. Their repertoire includes classical music, folk music in many languages, and jazz.

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Financial Aid
Financial aid is available to singers on a need basis.  However, applying for financial aid does not guarantee approval as we have a limited number of scholarships to give.  If your child would require a scholarship to join the choir, please let us know when you schedule your audition.